You may be wondering why does this even exist? and honestly, that's a good question. Luckily, I can answer that!

As you may have noticed, cool-people grows rapidly. So rapidly, that some of the things we originally used to manage the server are no longer enough to keep up. This website is my attempt to spearhead that problem (alongside my fellow owners), and build a solution that can keep up with the server.

So... Why?

As you probably know, cool-people is in a unique position as a server. Where most servers have to partner with other servers, or have a celebrity figurehead in order to get new members, we are in the unique position of being promoted by discord itself!

A screenshot of the Discord join server page.

Look, that's us!

Due to this, we tend to get a very large influx of both botted accounts, and members who are very new to Discord. Moderating all this is a huge undertaking.

How this website will help

Currently, there are two main issue that we hope to address with this site.

  1. Tickets
  2. Appeals


Currently, we use an in-Discord ticket system (courtesy of ticket-tool. Ticket-tool creates a new channel for each ticket that someone creates. That means that as more people join and create tickets at the same time, more and more tickets are created. Discord puts a strict limit of up to 50 categories, and 50 channels per category per server. That means that we can't have more than 50 open or closed tickets at any given time.

Here's what that might look like on any given day:

A screenshot of several ticket channels in Discord.

Now imagine that times fifty. Yeesh.

Over time, we plan to slowly migrate tickets to a custom system that runs via this website. Soon, you'll be able to login with your discord account, and make tickets at

By doing this, we'll be able to have a lot more control over the way tickets are organized and how they work. This will hopefully make it much more convenient for both you and us!


As I'm sure many of you have noticed, cool-people has no appeals system. If you get banned, it is extremely difficult to make a request to get unbanned. In the future, we hope to incorporate appeals into this website as well as tickets. This will be lower priority, so appeals likely won't roll out before tickets.

What else?

Well, anything we can imagine! This website allows us to build unique interactions with our server, and could possibly facilitate unique events and fun experiences unique to the server.

So.. welcome! I'm excited to see you here and I'm excited to build this website and the future of the server along with it! I have big plans, and I hope you stick around to see where they go.